The Money Matters

Quick Guide of Pricing of High profile Model Escort in Delhi

Within Delhi NCR
best escort service delhi

2.5 Lacs

For 3 hrs Meeting

Travel India
busty model escorts delhi

4.0 Lacs

Per Day

Travel Overseas
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12,000 usd

2 Days



Cities Travelled in India


Cities Travelled Worldwide
You Got Questions

Running in Head! A Few Doubts to Clear

Thats Steep! Why So high Rates?

If you are a VIP person, a high society gentleman, you know well about your choice : If you are a “Price conscious”,? or “Brand Conscious”? or “Quality Conscious”. 

Elite Class only focus on Quality and Brand as focus points. Quality services and an elegant personality as a Brand is what offer to High-end people. And Quality never comes at a compromised price.

Do You negotiate on Prices

You can try, but being a businessman you already know ‘the negotiation’ is never one sided, if you want to compromise on price, you are compromising in quality too. 

So, if you are hiring an exclusive and high class escort in Delhi then prices are the key factors for quality services.

Is it truly Worth That Money to Spend?

If you are already asking this question, then you are not actually a quality-conscious person! Where a person looking for quality services does not calculate this before hiring, they prefer to make the time worth spending with the person. Money is secondary, we are making connections and deep empathetic relationships.

And if you have a calculator to find the worth of emotions,  love and empathy, Do share with us!

A 3 hrs meeting! Why not 1 hr?

I wonder, what kind of person want a premium escort girl in Delhi just for a quickie. High profile escorts in Delhi are to make genuine connections for pampering. Elite services are all about chemistry, and that can not be discovered in a rush. For you to be seen, understood and appreciated it truly requires a deeper level of warmth with ample time to discover.  This is what quality escort service is all about.

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Have Something Special to Discuss: Contact The Elite

Lots of Premium guys are truly old-school type and prefer mail over whatsapp or calling. So we appreciate every mode of conversation. Fill up the above form with your queries and hit the button to make it reach in our inbox. And we will be happy to take the query further to its solution.

3 Hrs

Relaxed Session


~ Pampering Follows 2 Kisses

Overnight (6-8 hrs)

Long Stay


~ Long stay GFE 3 Kisses

Overnight (upto 12 hrs)

Dine & Breakfast


~ Dinner to Morning Shower

Travel in India

Erotic Day Out


~ 12 Hrs stay Along

~ Travel + Hotel Expenses Extra (Stay + Meals & Drinks)

Journeying Together: Your Path to a Smooth Reservation

Including transparent pricing ensures that the true value of these exceptional services is appreciated, fostering a fair and mutually respectful experience for both the escort and her client involved. Clear pricing not only empowers the service provider to remain in the high-profile and elite category but also contributes to a harmonious and joyous exchange of valuable services, creating a positive environment where everyone can delight in the unique experiences offered.

Detailed Booking confirmations

Most of the time it is observed that bookings are requested in advance. It is a good practice to hire a premium escort service in Delhi but, when you are trying to hire an elite model escort in Delhi, you must be aware that they are the slaves of time. Time that is mostly occupied with various commitments like endorsements, shoots events etc. Even though they are humans and a family girls too, so they do have emotions which they keep alive while spending some spare time with their families.

And in the middle of that when you hire these model escorts in Delhi you must make sure you are ready with your booking details. And the booking details could be the hotel booking you are going to stay, or your travel itineraries or any other possible. Along with that, you should keep them handy and present at the point when asked for. This makes the booking process easygoing.

An Upfront Token of Consideration

While in Delhi, and staying at a luxury 5 star hotel and providing details to completion is good at one point, bu when you are expecting her to travel outside Delhi, things are different. We always appreciate that all the travel bookings including but not limited to Flight return tickets, hotel booking, airport transfers etc should be provided in advance along with a marginal amount to express your genuine interest in hiring the services of this premium Delhi escort girl.


As a high-profile escort in Delhi, Ms Ritu understands that sometimes plans change. If you find yourself needing to reschedule or cancel a scheduled meeting, we kindly ask for your cooperation in providing notice well in advance. This not only allows us to accommodate your request more effectively but also ensures a smooth and considerate experience for all.

Conversely, we also acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances may arise on our end, necessitating alterations to our schedule. In such cases, we assure you that we will handle any necessary adjustments with the utmost professionalism and strive to make the process as seamless as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in creating an environment of mutual respect and positivity.”

Smart Pricing Plan

Appropriate Pricing Plan

Irrefutably offering empathetic connections, emotions, and personalized relationships through premium escort services in Delhi, we recognize that every priceless experience deserves acknowledgement. In embracing transparency with our pricing, we ensure a harmonious exchange, allowing service providers to joyfully extend their expertise without fear of exploitation, enhancing the beauty of our shared encounters.



Best For an Introductory Meeting

Most Fruitful

Overnight(6 hrs)


For a Total Relaxation and Fun

Full Night(12 hrs)


Unhurried Night out with a Girlfriend

1 Day


To cover your travel hustle


Weekend(2 Days)


Fun, Away from Work and hustle

Vacation(4+ Days)


Forget the World and Enjoy a Long Vacation

2 days



To cover your travel hustle


Weekend (3 Days)



Fun, Away from Work and hustle

Vacation(4+ Days)



Forget the World and Enjoy a Long Vacation

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