Trisha Bhatt

Young Charming College Girl Escort in Delhi

At 19 years old, Trisha Bhatt is not just a typical college student; she’s your ticket to an unforgettable experience in Delhi if you are looking for a young college girl escort in Delhi. She is a Kashmiri girl in Delhi for her studies. Balancing her academic pursuits with a passion for adventure, and modelling, Trisha opens the door to a world where youth, charm, and enthusiasm converge.

Sweet, Charming, Always Smiling:

Trisha’s infectious smile is as much a part of her charm as her youthful exuberance. A sweet and engaging presence, she brings a sense of warmth that makes every moment with her a delightful escape.

Energetic and Excellent in Services

Known for her boundless energy, Trisha is not just an escort in Delhi; she’s an experience. Her excellent services reflect a commitment to creating encounters that go beyond expectations, leaving you with memories to cherish.

Lover of Exploration and Travel

Beyond the confines of textbooks, Trisha loves to explore new places in Delhi and NCR. Join her on a journey of discovery as she unveils hidden gems and creates shared moments in the vibrant tapestry of the city. This trait of this young escort girl in Delhi gives her an exceptional knowledge of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and the best of 5-star hotels all around Delhi. Not just this, she is a foodie and knows every small or big corner of Delhi with delicious food. 

She can be a perfect choice for people looking for an adventurous escort girl in Delhi. At such a young age she is shining as the gem of elite and VIP escort services in Delhi.

Open-minded and Adventurous

Trisha is not just open to new places; she’s open to new experiences. Her adventurous spirit extends to her escort services, ensuring that every encounter is tailored to your desires and fantasies. Being young and her love to explore new things, she is open for new and adventurous fetishes one has in mind. You can share your fetish with this young escort girl and she will be your partner-in-crime for your fantasies.

A Full Package

Trisha is the epitome of a full package for those seeking a young, vibrant high-class escort in Delhi. With a tight body, curvy figure, and a slim silhouette, she embodies the allure of youth. But don’t let her innocent appearance fool you – Trisha is well-read, engaging in meaningful conversations that add depth to your time together.


VIP College Student Escort in Delhi

The Exclusive choice of High-Class People

Open-Minded Young Beauty

Beauty Persona

influencer model escorts delhi


Black – Medium


Milky fair




19 Years









Services She Offer

She is extremely energetic and keen explorer of new and adventurous, These are her explorations in services as an escort. If you have something new on your mind to explore with her, you can happily ask us and we will try our best to deliver.

Availability & Charges

Being a young, beautiful and toned body, Trish is a complete package for fun lovers. She does not charge extra for special services and is covered in the standard price, if she agree to provide the demanded service. She is the most sought-after college student of Delhi University who is in top 3 of VIP escort girls in Delhi. Explore her charges and check availability with us before anything. She is available with a minimum 5 hrs notice and preference is 3 hrs meeting

3 Hrs

Unhurried Session


~ 2 Kisses

Overnight (6 hrs)

Night Shines


~ 3 Kisses

Full NIght (upto 12 hrs)

Dusk to Dawn


~ 4 Kisses

Travel in India

Erotic Day Out


~ 1 Day + 4 Kisses

~ Travel + Hotel Expenses Extra (Stay + Meals & Drinks)

Young College Student - An Escort Girl from Kashmir in Delhi

An Invitation to Pleasure

For those seeking more, Trisha offers anal services, adding an extra layer of excitement to your rendezvous. This daring aspect of her offerings reflects her dedication to fulfilling a spectrum of desires.

In the world of young escort girls and college girl escorts in Delhi, Trisha Bhatt stands out as a rare gem. Whether you’re drawn to her captivating smile, energetic spirit, or adventurous services, a date with Trisha promises an experience that transcends the ordinary. Open the door to a world of pleasure and exploration with this delightful college companion.

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